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An example of a day in the Babies Room.

7:30 AM

Breakfast time:

We enjoy Porridge or Weetabix for our breakfast, (this is prepared in the room upon our arrival).

10:30 AM

Play time

We continue playing in the room and often go outside to play on our soft surface play

area, we often like to sit and do some singing while we wait for our lunch to be brought down to our room.

 12:30 PM

Sleep/quiet time: After eating our lunch and a busy morning most of us are ready for a sleep, if we have already had a sleep we enjoy some quiet time; sometimes lying down in the cosy corner or just sitting down to look at some books.

9:30 AM

Snack time:

We sit together and enjoy our morning snack and a drink.

  2:00 PM

Play time:

Playtime continues throughout the afternoon both inside and out as well as a chance to get messy playing in cornflour gloop or shaving foam.

 4:30 PM.

Play / Home time:

We continue to enjoy playing and exploring in our safe and warm environment, however, after a full day we may like to enjoy quiet time sharing a story or singing our favourite songs before we go home.

 2:30 PM.

Snack time:

We sit together with our friends again to eat our afternoon snack.

8:30 AM

Play time:

We can choose from toys around the room, we also have fun being creative with the paints, crayons and sticking.

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