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An example of a day in Lower Pre Younger     

7:30 AM

Breakfast time:

We start our day with our choice of cereal to enjoy as our friends start to arrive.

10:30 AM

Circle / Key Group time:

This is one of many opportunities to talk with our friends and the adults

about things that are special to us or that we enjoy.

 11:30 AM


We wash our hands before going to the dining room for our lunch; we are able to

serve our own food and pour our own drinks (sometimes with a bit of help from an adult).

9:30 AM

Snack time:

We sit in small groups at snack time.  We are able to help ourselves to a choice of fresh fruit and choose what we would like to drink.

 12:30 PM

Play (Sleep / Quiet):

Some of us will need to sleep or have a rest after a busy morning whilst some of our friends continue to play. The afternoon brings more time to choose our preferred activities; to share and join in with others.

 4:30 PM.

Play / Home time:

Some of us are still busy and active some of us prefer to have some quieter time maybe looking at some books or talking to our friends before it is time for us to go home.  With lots of stories to share about our experiences during the day.

 2:30 PM.

Circle / Key Group time: 

We join together with our friends and our keyworker in small groups or altogether; we like to sing songs, share books and talk about our day at the Nursery. We then take a short break to have our snack and a drink.

8:30 AM


With lots of activities available to us we have the opportunity to get involved with and
experience things that we choose with the help and support of adults. We can play with our friends or on our own

if we prefer.

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