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An example of a day in the Toddler Room.

7:30 AM

Breakfast time:

as we arrive at Nursery we sit down to choose some cereal and have some breakfast if we are hungry.

10:30 AM


We usually enjoy outdoor play on our large soft surface play area; there are bikes, cars and balls for us to play with amongst many other outdoor toys.

 11:30 AM

Singing/story time We will sit together for a short time singing our favourite songs or looking at

some of our favourite books before we wash our hands and sit down for our lunch.

9:30 AM

Keygroup time/ snack time:

We spend some time in small groups with our key worker having a story and singing some songs before we wash our hands and sit down for our snack.

 12:30 PM

Sleep/quiet time Many of us are ready for a sleep to prepare us for the busy afternoon ahead, if we have already had a sleep or just don’t need one we will carry on playing or we can have a rest in our cosy book area.

 4:30 PM.

Play / Home time:

After our afternoon snack, play continues with opportunities for more stories and songs that we can join in with as we become familiar with the words and actions. A day of varied activities and experiences as we grow and learn.

 2:30 PM.

Free Time: 

The afternoon continues with free choice play as we wake up from our sleep; and the opportunity to spend more time outside, we also take a break to have our afternoon snack.


8:30 AM


There are toys in each area of the room for us to play with and we can access the storage baskets if we want to play with something else. We also have fun with play dough, crayons and paints throughout the morning.

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