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An example of a day in Pre-School.     

7:30 AM

Breakfast time:

We arrive at the Nursery; if we are hungry we will choose to have some breakfast before we begin our busy day.

10:30 AM

Key group time:

We spend time in a group with our key-worker enjoying activities that we have shown an interest in or sharing new experiences and ideas.

 11:30 AM


We tidy away the activities from the morning and have time for a story and some
singing before we wash our hands then sit down together to enjoy our lunch.

9:30 AM

Snack time:

We sit together in small groups to have our snack; as we are able to do more things by ourselves - we collect our own cup and plate before serving ourselves as well as return them to the washing up area afterwoods.

  12:30 PM

Play time:

Our busy afternoon begins with a range of activities to meet our varied and developing interests and abilities; with lots of space available to us including the ball pit area.

 4:30 PM.

Snack / Home time:

We enjoy a snack and a drink, and then our afternoon continues with on-going opportunities for us to play, learn and develop new skills using both the indoor and outdoor environments before it is time to go home.

 2:30 PM

Play Time:

Getting our outdoor clothes on and off ourselves as we move between the outdoor and indoor areas freely; we can also spend time on the large playground developing our gross motor skills with the use of bikes, scooters and balls.

8:30 AM

Play time:

We have many opportunities to structure our own play and learning throughout the day with access to a wide range of areas, including; role play , ICT  and Science as well as our outdoor sheltered spaces (for sun and rain).

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