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An example of a day in Lower Pre Older

7:30 AM

Breakfast time:

We start our day with our choice of cereal to enjoy as our friends start to arrive.

10:30 AM

Key Group time:

We spend time with our key worker and a small group of friends to try new experiences

or share familiar experiences that we particularly enjoy.

 11:30 AM

Circle time:

This is one of many opportunities to talk with our friends and adults
about things that are special to us or that we enjoy before we wash our hands and walk to the dining room for our lunch.

9:30 AM

Snack time:

We sit in small groups at snack time; as we demonstrate our developing independence
we help ourselves to a choice of fresh fruit and choose what we would like to drink.

 12:00 PM

Lunch Time

As we become more independent we serve our own food and pour our own drinks
(sometimes with a bit of help from an adult).

 4:30 PM.

Play / Home time:

Whilst some of us are still busy and active, some of us prefer to  have some quieter time, maybe looking at some books or talking to our friends. We will help to put away some of the activities before we prepare for going home.

 12:30 PM.

Creative / PlayTime

The afternoon brings more time to choose from a range of activities and whether we play alone or with friends e.g.being creative (and messy!) with paints or play dough or joining with friends to build

with blocks.

8:30 AM


Our environment is arranged with a wide variety of activities for us to choose from. As our independence grows we make more decisions about our play experiences, and whether we want to experience the activities indoor or outdoor.

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