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An example of a day in the Tweenies Room.

7:30 AM

Breakfast time:

We arrive at the Nursery and choose the cereal we like to get through until Lunch Time.  We feed ourselves and make sure the bowls are put away.

10:30 AM

Play time

We have more time to explore all of the experiences provided including painting
and play dough, sand and water play.

 11:30 AM

Group time /  

Lunch time:

we sit together for a story or some singing before we wash our hands and sit down for our freshly cooked lunch.

9:30 AM

Snack time / Key group time: We sit in a small group with our friends and choose what we would like to eat and drink. We also spend some time in our small groups sharing books and songs that we are familiar with as well as new ones we can enjoy.

  12:30 PM

Sleep / Quiet time

If we have a sleep at Nursery we are usually ready for it at this time of the day, or we may just need a short rest to prepare us for the afternoon ahead.

 4:30 PM.

Snack time:

Time for an afternoon snack and a drink before choosing which activities we would

like to be involved with next; using both the indoor and outdoor spaces.

 1:30 PM.


Our afternoon continues with lots more play and exploration opportunities available to us and the chance to spend more time out in the fresh air.


8:30 AM

Play time:

With lots of play opportunities available we have a busy day ahead with lots to do

both inside and outdoors.

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